CO2 Capture

By Ir. Jan Lambrichts, DOW Oil & Gas,

Ir. Gijs van Lammeren, O&Gbiss


CO2 Capture still very much needed

Although CO2 capture technologies already exist for decades, quite often these are seen as “unproven”, specially related to more novel electricity producing schemes. Although more recently mainly associated with green-house effects, it has other more, solid commercial reasons for its existence like crop enhancement, enhanced oil recovery, production of chemicals to name a few. It is however an expensive investment and therefore a good insight in the different technologies available is warranted, because not every technology is useful for any case. For example, on offshore platforms where space is the most critical item, membranes are more appropriate, even when these are more delicate than amine systems. In short we will try to give a good overview of the available choices.

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Plant One - New test facility to demonstrate Innovative process technology

By Ir. Karin Husmann


The Chemical Industry in The Netherlands is constantly developing new products to meet the changing market demands. The petrochemical industry is the largest single industrial consumer of energy and must develop smarter and more efficient production methods.

But in-house R&D facilities may have restrictions or the company may lack the appropriate permit for the envisaged trials. As a result, the R&D process may take longer than planned.

Plant One operates a new pilot plant test facility in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region.

Plant One offers all the facilities that may be needed. Plant One has an umbrella environmental permit (unique for The Netherlands), which means you don’t lose precious time waiting for a license.

New technologies to reduce energy and feedstock inputs or use alternative, cleaner feedstocks can be tested and demonstrated on pre-industrial scale.

With Plant One, the regional competitiveness will increase thanks to supporting commercial innovation. A facility of this kind is needed because companies are often engaged in round-the-clock production, leaving little if any scope for large-scale testing of new processes and technologies.

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Safety seminar - HSE in Engineering Design


By Saskia van der Put, CB&In Lammeren


The presentation describes how Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies, like CB&I, manage HSE during design and engineering of a facility. It will specifically address what activities are performed by the HSE Engineers on the Project to ensure that all HSE hazards and risks which may impact people, installation integrity, third parties and environment are properly identified, assessed, mitigated and controlled within tolerable levels. Topics like HSE organization on a Project, HSE Management System, HSE Legislation, Norms and Standards, HAZOP, Lay out studies, Human factor Engineering, 3D model review, Active and Passive Fire Protection, Fire and Gas detection, Noise Allocation Studies, HSE preparation for Construction and HSE reviews will be treated in short.

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Safety seminar - Excellence in Construction


By Sytse Kamstra, Technip

This presentation shows Technip Benelux’s safety approach, during Mobilization and in Construction phase in particular. It describes Technip’s HSE systems and processes (key documents, Safe System of Work, the importance of Discipline Supervisor’s role in HSE), HSE communication on site (Induction, specific instructions, meetings), HSE as part of the work preparation, Objectives (Inspections, Observations, statistics), Monitoring of HSE (Audits/site visits, Monthly reporting, ‘Smiley board’/ Top 6 Topics), Lessons Learned/ Trend Analysis (HSE Home Office), Training/ Instruction and Incident Investigation.

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Safety seminar - Scores4chem: a knowledge platform for safety, optimization and control


By Prof. Jan van Impe, Dr Geert Gins, KU Leuven

SCORES4CHEM is a knowledge platform aimed at Safety, Control & Optimization via Research, Education and Services for the Chemical and life sciences industry. It is funded by the Industrial Research Fund of the KU Leuven, and co-financed by Essenscia, the Belgian federation for the chemical and life sciences industry.</p>\r\n<p>SCORES4CHEM supports the industry to further strengthen its competitive position by answering the growing need for Advanced Data Mining and Advanced Process Control, often in conjunction with process safety. In this presentation the \"Research\", \"Education\" and \"Services\" components of the</p>\r\n<p>platform will be illustrated. As for the \"Education\" component, in November 2009 the Chair Essenscia \"Safety Engineering\" was founded at the KU Leuven. One of the objectives of this Chair is to promote high quality education for industrial safety in order to meet the changing industrial demands and to keep up with major new developments in the field of technical and occupational safety.

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