Gas shale and coalbed methane as new energy sources:facility to demonstrate Innovative process technology

By Rudy Swennen, Professor of Geology, KU Leuven (Belgium)


The technological development of horizontal drilling and fraccing were key factors for producing gas from non-conventional hydrocarbon bearing rocks. In this presentation the difference between conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources will be highlighted. Information will be provided with regard to the way the study of natural analogues, outcropping in the Belgian Ardennes, can help to come up with criteria that allow to evaluate the potential of these unconventional resources in the subsurface of Belgium and the Netherlands.
Attention will also be paid to the chemicals used during fraccing and the risk of groundwater and air pollution induced during production. Also the differences between a gas shale play and a coal bed methane project will be highlighted. Aim of the presentation is to provide objective information on this new resource and its importance on the geopolitical side.


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