Plant One - New test facility to demonstrate Innovative process technology

By Ir. Karin Husmann


The Chemical Industry in The Netherlands is constantly developing new products to meet the changing market demands. The petrochemical industry is the largest single industrial consumer of energy and must develop smarter and more efficient production methods.

But in-house R&D facilities may have restrictions or the company may lack the appropriate permit for the envisaged trials. As a result, the R&D process may take longer than planned.

Plant One operates a new pilot plant test facility in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region.

Plant One offers all the facilities that may be needed. Plant One has an umbrella environmental permit (unique for The Netherlands), which means you don’t lose precious time waiting for a license.

New technologies to reduce energy and feedstock inputs or use alternative, cleaner feedstocks can be tested and demonstrated on pre-industrial scale.

With Plant One, the regional competitiveness will increase thanks to supporting commercial innovation. A facility of this kind is needed because companies are often engaged in round-the-clock production, leaving little if any scope for large-scale testing of new processes and technologies.

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