Waves of change: where no engineering generation has gone before By Claus-Peter Hälsig & Martijn Glass


By Claus-Peter Hälsig & Martijn Glass

We are where we are. And everything around seems normal and we quickly think that:

- "It has always been this way". But we know that's not true: if we go back in time, things were very different.

- "It will always stay the same". But we know that's not true either: things will change. The big question is "how will things change?" In this presentation we'll be looking at waves of change in 5 big areas that effect engineering. For each topic we'll look at two waves that have already happened ... one wave has only recently broken ... and then we'll try to extrapolate those three waves and predict what the next wave will look like. Come join us on this journey and together try to predict the future, a place where no generation has gone before!



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