CO2 Capture

By Ir. Jan Lambrichts, DOW Oil & Gas,

Ir. Gijs van Lammeren, O&Gbiss


CO2 Capture still very much needed

Although CO2 capture technologies already exist for decades, quite often these are seen as “unproven”, specially related to more novel electricity producing schemes. Although more recently mainly associated with green-house effects, it has other more, solid commercial reasons for its existence like crop enhancement, enhanced oil recovery, production of chemicals to name a few. It is however an expensive investment and therefore a good insight in the different technologies available is warranted, because not every technology is useful for any case. For example, on offshore platforms where space is the most critical item, membranes are more appropriate, even when these are more delicate than amine systems. In short we will try to give a good overview of the available choices.

Presentation file here

Presentation file here