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Technip Energies operates a burner test facility in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and performs continuous research on the performance of their proprietary burners, the Large Scale Vortex (LSV®) burner and the Technip Side Wall Burner (TSWB®).
With preheated combustion air of up to 500°C, this facility allows to look at the performance of burners in a controlled radiant firebox environment. The facility comprises one furnace for testing up to 5-Megawatt firing rate and a second furnace for up to 1-Megawatt firing rate. The larger furnace has 36 thermocouples to measure the outlet temperatures of the air-cooled radiant cooling coils to derive accurate burner heat flux profiles. Prior to having this testing facility, such information was based solely on visual observations (and the flames are hardly visible, in particular for the LSV® burner), the burner test furnace is a great asset for burner flame research.
The new test facility enables Technip Energies to further develop and fine-tune their burners to achieve even lower emissions.

 T.EN Burner Test Furnace visit

Attached are presentations of the burner test facility and the Plant One Rotterdam facility.

Presentation Burner Test Facility here

Fly Sheet Burner Test Facility here

Presentation Plant One Rotterdam facility here

Video file Burner Test Facility here