By Laurent Antoni, President of Hydrogen Europe Research

Hydrogen, as a clean, safe and versatile energy carrier, is part of the energy transition and is key to enable the renewable energy system and to decarbonize end uses. Hydrogen is the only zero-emission energy carrier with electrons. Hydrogen technologies are mature and have significant potential across all applications, in particular when looking for high payload, high autonomy and flexibility. A global collaborative approach of policy makers, investors and industry is needed today to enable the full potential of hydrogen in the energy transition.
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells are today! An international momentum worldwide with a strong position in Asia (Japan, South Korea and now China) but a strong European Public-Private Partnership with close collaboration between Industry (Hydrogen Europe Industry) and Research (Hydrogen Europe Research) is in place.
Industry sector can be an important costumer of the hydrogen sector in order to achieve its decarbonizing targets owing to “decarbonised” hydrogen.

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