Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil - A new route to produce bio-based fuel and chemicals



By Mark Wanders and Goodarz Talebi, Technip Benelux

Fast Pyrolysis Bio‐Oil (FPBO) is a dark brownish syrup which is produced by thermochemical decomposition of (nonfood) cellulosic biomass. It can be used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels to produce renewable energy, transportation fuels and chemicals. In this lecture an introduction will be given on Fast Pyrolysis Bio‐Oil technology, production and applications.
TechnipFMC uses proven BTG‐BTL Fast Pyrolysis Bio‐Oil (FPBO) technology as a commercial attractive way to produce advanced (second generation) biofuels. Complete turnkey FPBO units, including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), with core components of the plant based exclusively on BTG‐BTL patented FPBO licensed technology are delivered.

Experience in the design and commercial operation of one of the world’s first FPBO production facilities (Empyro – Energy and Materials from Pyrolysis), resulted in a recent awarded EPC project.
TechnipFMC’s Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology is developed to enable co‐processing FPBO to produce renewable, second generation biofuels. This approach will enable the refining industry to produce biofuels and high‐value bio‐based chemicals without changing the existing refinery infrastructure.

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