Vertical integration and information sharing - IT/OT integration, integrated product management system

By Marcel Kelder, Sales Manager Advanced Solutions at Yokogawa Europe B.V.

Vertical integration and information sharing is a way of providing correct information throughout the vertical supply chain of a company. Vertical integration is a powerful technology with great potential to help companies sharing their data to answer business questions that traditionally were too time consuming to resolve. The success of a vertical supply chain critically depends on effective ways to share logistical information.
Improving the vertical information flow is a key success factor for vertical supply chains. It makes companies more agile and flexible regarding changing market conditions and provides the single truth to shareholders and other stakeholders. Although the justification for integration may sound logical, the brutal fact is that many companies in Europe are struggling with integration. The question is why.
This presentation explains the importance of vertical integration for companies. It is discussed why it is so difficult to initiate integration programs. Examples will be given of companies that decided to integrate business and operational applications. Best practices to establish vertical integration to complete the project successfully are discussed.


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