Mobatec - Model-based technology, Construction and Application of Dynamic Models

By Dr. Ir. Mathieu Westerweele

Process modelling Expert and founder of Mobatec research


A chemical engineer is often asked to describe the static and/or dynamic behaviour of a physical, chemical or biological process. This information is required in the different stages of a plant life cycle like analysis, control, design, research, simulation, optimization or process operation.

To analyse the behaviour of such a process, the engineer requires a mathematical representation of the physical and chemical and/or biological phenomena taking place.

Mobatec Modeller is a software tool for developing dynamic (and steady-state) process models (based on first principles) of physical, chemical and/or biological processes of any size - from a single unit to entire processing plants. It is designed to effectively assist a model developer in building and maintaining consistent models. The tool is used to build very large dynamic process models of entire plants (resulting in more than 100.000 equations that need to be solved simultaneously). User-friendliness, functionality and good user-assistance are a prerequisite for being able to manage such large models.

During the presentation a short introduction to the basics behind the development of dynamic process models will be provided.

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