By Egbert de Jong ‐ EMEA Business Development Leader Heavy Industry and Hydrogen and Joël Van der Borght ‐ Sr Vertical Leader Power and Mining Europe/CIS ‐ Veolia

Green hydrogen projects require high purity water. Egbert de Jong covers the production of ultrapure water from every quality of water that is available. This can be sea water, well water, river or surface water or treated wastewater. Technologies that are used comprise flotation or clarification, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and multi effect distillation and EDI or IX. The produced hydrogen product gas needs conditioning, for this the Veolia Deoxygenation and Dehydration solutions are presented. Cooling systems can benefit from Veolia services for chemical conditioning of cooling water. Water treatment processes can benefit from Veolia services for membrane protection. The above standard engineered solutions following robust proven supplier standards bring down the cost of hydrogen production.

Carbon Capture is necessary, in addition to Green H2, to limit the average temperature increase to a maximum of 1.5 °C in 2100, as agreed in the COP21 (Paris Agreement). The contribution of CCUS within all efforts to achieve this will be addressed. The ratio between CCS and CCU will be discussed with also the link to e‐Methanol, e‐Fuels and SAF within CCU, where the raw materials for the Fischer‐Tropsch reaction are Green H2 and CO2. The operation of a classic Amine Unit to capture CO2 with focus on the solvent chemistry will be outlined.
The different types of solvent with their advantages and disadvantages and how they 'degrade' over time will be addressed. Finally, the main topic will be presented. The reclaiming, and thus recovering / recycling, of the solvent via the ED reclaiming service, as offered by VWTS. This prevents the costly bleed and feed, which is not sustainable in comparison to the reduced CO2 footprint when applying
ED reclaiming.

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