By Jan-Jaap Riegman, Senior Product Development Engineer,  Technip Energies

Hydrogen and syngas are important components of the (petro-) chemical industry. Traditionally it is manufactured by steam methane reforming and the CO2 formed as a byproduct is emitted to the atmosphere. As a result, traditional hydrogen production is one of the largest single point emissions sources in refineries, in ammonia plants and methanol plants. While traditional steam methane reforming technologies degrade high-grade process heat to generate high-pressure steam, new technologies offer the possibility to utilize the high-value heat. The Enhanced Annular Reforming Tube (EARTH®) for hydrogen / syngas production is a novel recuperative reforming technology that utilizes more high-level heat and produces additional hydrogen / syngas, while saving energy (and operating costs) by reducing the firing duty of the reformer.
For EARTH®, Technip Energies (T.EN) and Clariant have joined their collective expertise in process, heat transfer and catalysis technology to develop and deliver EARTH® technology to the market. The technology can be applied in both grassroot and revamp projects. Recent successful installations and start-ups of EARTH® applications in large European refineries highlight the benefits of the technology and showcase the technology plays an important role in decarbonization. This can be further emphasized with additional synergistic design changes which are all part of Blue H2 by T.EN™ suite.
This presentation will provide an insight in EARTH® technology and the role it can play in the decarbonization of the hydrogen and syngas production.

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